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Viatrexx has dedicated years in researching allergies, the evolution of sensitivities, phenolics, low dose allergens (LDA), and other related topics since the mid-1990’s and has been providing natural solutions to sensitivities for more than twenty-five years.

Viatrexx research has found that most allergies occur when a patient has a compromised immune and elimination system.  Depending upon the antigen or phenolic, this may affect hormones, neurotransmitters, amino acids, and/or other biological processes.


BreatheXX is the lead product for allergy symptoms.


  • Each remedy is 5 squirts three times per day. May add water to formula.
  • STEP 1: Two weeks to one month depending upon results..
  • It is recommended to combine BreatheXX with your choice of either MatriXX Dx or SystemeXX D (This product is the stronger detox and amp and has a deeper effect on emotions.)
  • STEP 2: Two – three months. Most practitioners start here.
  • Add desired sensitivity product to the protocol. For example: , Foods

Pollens Early: This formula is specifically used for spring trees, shrubs and blossoms

Pollens Mid: This formula is specifically used for mid season grasses, crops and other mid season allergens like dandelion.

Pollens Late: This formula is specifically used for spring late season allergens such as weeds, hay fever.

Foods: This formula is used for common foods; Barley, Beans, Berry, Chocolate, Citrus, Coffee, Eggs, Fish, Fruit, Gluten, Meat, Nightshades, Nuts, Onion, Poultry, Seafood, Seeds, Soy, Wheat, …

Dairy: This formula is specifically used for dairy products, cheese, milks, creams, ice cream, butter, eggs …

Sinister 7: This formula is specifically used for the 7 key allergens: Corn, Eggs, Milk, Soy, Sugar, Wheat and Yeast.

Pets: This formula is used for challenges with household pets and/or farm animals.

Relief +: This formula helps calm the reactions and sense of “overwhelm”, so patients can take better control of their emotions. The following products form the base of Viatrexx-Relief: Histamine (Central inflammatory trigger), Choline chloride (ACC), and Serotonin

Intra-Cell: This formula is recommended for patients, who have weakened adrenals or metabolism.

Other products to consider:

Relief 3: Relief of symptoms from general allergic reactions or healing crises.

Relief +: Relief of symptoms & emotions from general reactions, allergies or healing crises.

Relief 3-G12: Relief of symptoms & terrain balancing from general reactions, allergies or healing crises.

Relief Terrain CalmeXX: Relief of symptoms, emotions & terrain balancing from general reactions, allergies or healing crises.

Dnt’l:  Detox from toxic dental materials and agents.

Environmental: Detox and sensitivities to petrochemicals, isopropyl & environmental chemicals.

G’path: Geopathic stress.

H-Metals: Heavy metal detox and sensitivities.

Radiation: Detox from radiation and its effects, may also help with sensitivities