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For the purpose of this grouping, Viatrexx views metabolism as those functions which address energy production, Krebs cycle, cAMP, ATP, helping to increased metabolism (including digestion), O2 intake improvement, cellular communication, inflammation, endocrine balancing, stress management, to name a few.


The key products to consider are:
AdiposeXX: Help encourage a healthy metabolism.*

Standard protocol:
Each remedy is 4 squirts 3 times a day, may take together or add to water. May spray over desired area and use roller.
Intra-Cell may keep a person up, if this is the case, please limit dosing to morning and noon, nothing after 3 pm.

Other products to consider:

BreatheXX: Allergy symptom relief, TH1-TH2 balancing, drainage, respiratory, chest cold, congestion.

Candida+: Candida overgrowth, its precursors, by-products and terrain, leaky gut, dysbiosis.

Enzyme +: Mix of main enzymes in homeopathic form for support, assimilation & improved function.

Foods: Sensitivities to common foods, gluten, night shades, seafood, soy, and many other.

FungeXX: To aid with the temporary relief of symptoms associated to molds and/or fungus. *

G-12: TH1 – TH2 terrain balancing, allergies, epithelial cell regeneration.

BoweleXX: Support healthy GI tract/bowel function and elimination, constipation & leaky gut, TH1-TH2 balancing Peyer’s Patches repair.

ParasiteXX: Anti-parasitic, combines herbal & homeopathic in one covers both GI & tissue/blood.

Relief 3: Relief of symptoms from general allergic reactions or healing crises.

Relief 3-G12: Relief of symptoms & terrain balancing from general reactions, allergies or healing crises.

Relief +: Relief of symptoms & emotions from general reactions, allergies or healing crises.

Relief Terrain CalmeXX: Relief of symptoms, emotions & terrain balancing from general reactions, allergies or healing crises.

ZzZeXX: Encourages a restful sleep.*


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure, or prevent any disease.