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Endocrine / Hormones

Endocrine products and protocols are based on dealing with the symptoms, balancing the endocrine system and cleaning out the system (including any emotional causal factor). The endocrine formulas nourish the respective hormonal systems, providing cellular, intracellular and adrenal support. Much of our original work involves the hormonal implications from allergens. Please review the conversation on phenolics in the allergy category.


Standard protocol: Each remedy is 4 squirts 3 times a day, may take together or add to water.

2-3 months, then re-evaluate

Start with gender specific product either FemaleXX or MaleXX

Other Products to consider:

AcneXX: Supports healthy skin.*

AdiposeXX: Help encourage a healthy metabolism.*

Dairy: Sensitivities to dairy products, drainage and regeneration.

Hair: Healthy hair growth, nutrition & regeneration.

Intra-Cell: Cellular respiration, regeneration, communication & activation; energy production; ATP, mitochondrial and cAMP support; cellular cleansing.

Prolo: For systems that are stuck and require a pro-inflammatory push. Expands area, floods with nutritional and metabolic factors, so when the inflammation resides, the area is rich in nutrients and flow has returned.

ThyreXX: Adaptogenic Thyroid re-balancing & regeneration with drainage, detox and support .

ZzZeXX: Encourages a restful sleep.*


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure, or prevent any disease.