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Viatrexx distributes, distributes, designs, creates, manufactures, contract manufacturers and does private label of integrative liquid natural, dietary and cosmetic OTC products. Provides education and technologies for health care providers.



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Optimal health involves so many different aspects and levels, from the state, vitality and co-dependence of our various body systems; to our lifestyle, the influence of stressors, emotions and traumatic events influences; our mental health, quality of family and friend love & support and a number of other factors. Being well is a dance between all these and other factors. At Viatrexx we understand this and know that depending how a substance is prepared it may influence different levels and layers. An allergen when diluted can be used to qualify if someone is allergic to it and if more diluted may help resolve the symptoms. There is a lot more to it than this, but like a cell phone where the vast majority of us have no idea how it works, we just like the ease with which it works and all the things it can do, the Viatrexx products, while the inner
working are quite evolved and unique, they are easy to use with practitioners and patients loving the results.

The name reflects the system or area they are designed to support. ImmuneXX is for the immune system, BreatheXX is for the breathing and the respiratory system, LympheXX is for the lymphatics, Brain-Neuro is for the brain and neurological system, Collagen is collagen, etc

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Viatrexx sells, distributes, designs, creates, manufactures, contract manufacturers and does private label of integrative liquid natural, dietary and cosmetic OTC products. We specialize in using metabolic factors (those natural substances the body needs for homeostasis), botanicals, and other relevant ingredients to nourish many of the various layers which can be relevant to a
system’s wellbeing. To further enhance our products, we have evolved a proprietary method to structure the water and alcohol we use and prepare the ingredients in a way which mimics the heartbeat to maximize the cellular response to the ingredients. All this in a facility which was built so the lab and ingredient storage area are in semi-protected Faraday cage enclosure. If an
employee is emotionally off one day, they will work where they do not touch the products. Depending on the product, the type of nutrients we consider include one or a combination which may support: drainage and detox, metabolism, cellular communication, repair, regeneration, anti-age; immune, neurological, and hormonal balancing; reactional states & terrain calming; emotional and thematic undertones, and potentially other levels. In the end our goal are products focused on the causal factor(s).

To support the industry, Viatrexx offers basic through advanced education training to health care providers and their patients. For licensed practitioner we offer various advanced trainings. For the injection classes, we use pharmaceutical and compounded products (Viatrexx does not make injectable products).

Viatrexx does carry some technologies like Heart Rate Variability, product test kits and other tools to support practitioners in their quest to find the root cause and offer quality options to their patients

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Here at Viatrexx, our mission is to lay the foundation for your wellness. Our formulas have evolved for over 26 years with innovation remaining their driving force. Our products are built with pure intentions and they work, it’s that simple.

Stephen Emond

CEO & Founder of Viatrexx Bio Incorporated

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