Health Via the Matrix
Health Via the Matrix

Combinations(S - Z)


NDC: 63776-484-15

  • It is a combination of the 7 most common allergy causing foods. This approach allows for the reduction of stresses the person has to deal with, therefore permits the practitioner to determine the true underlining cause(s) a client is faced with. Works best in conjunction with a rotational diet. From here, you will be lead to the most critical group to deal with. It makes food sensitivities a lot easier to deal with and resolve



STR'SS 50ml

NDC: 63776-495-15

  • Suggested to help calm and relax
  • Over work, overwhelmed
  • Brain overload, work, study, multiple projects, juggling many things







NDC: 63776-500-15

  • Full spectrum systemic drainage and detoxification
  • Matrix & Lymphatic cleanse
  • Kidney & Liver cleanse
  • Thyroid cleanse (E-M fields, X-rays & radiation)
  • Citric cycle & Cell rejuvenation & support
  • Adrenal support & Chi/vitality preservation
  • Immune support
  • Blood cleanse & support


THYRO 50ml

NDC: 63776-525-15

  • Thyroid issues, adaptogenic and nourishing
  • Adrenal support
  • Immune support






TONE 50ml

NDC: 63776-523-15

  • Improve tone (saggy/weak skin, muscles, ligaments, joints)
  • Sculpturing, lifting
  • Repair and regeneration of soft tissue





VIRUS 30ml

NDC#: 63776-570-14

  • Viral conditions
  • Cold & Flu symptoms
  • Immune support and enhancer







NDC: 63776-575-15

  • Wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, keloids
  • Skin regeneration and growth
  • Improve, strengthen & rebuild skin matrix and scaffolding





ZzZzz 50ml

NDC#: 63776-580-15

  • To help support a restful sleep.
  • Calming








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