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Dopamine is one of the basic neurotransmitters of the nervous system and is also found in many foods. It is considered a major metabolite of tyramine in the banana and is also suggested as a possible precursor to salsolinol in chocolate and bananas. Other articles indicate that dopamine is part of the oxidation process in enzymatic browning of fruits. Dopamine can occur in levels up to 48 ug/g in bananas. An indicator for excessive Dopamine is a person likes bananas, however bananas don?t like them. The literatures talks about 3 main dopamine neurotransmitter systems:1. Extrapyramidal system (involved with coordination and integration of fine muscular movement such as picking up small objects) 2. Mesolimbic system (involved with control of memory and emotion) 3. Hypothalamic (pituitary axis is involved with such endocrine related activity as the release of prolactin which induces lactation in mammals.) It is said that dopamine is involved in; the experience of pleasure, makes the person feel alert and excited. Is part of the reward system that provides motivation. May be related to the lack of motivation that occurs in depression. Plays an essential role in consciousness, mood, and directed attention, ADD, ADHA, Autism. Plays a role in addiction, the pleasure from drugs being mediated by dopamine. Has both hormone and neurotransmitter actions. Plays a role in regulation and secretion of the anterior pituitary hormones. Is the prolactin inhibiting hormone. High copper and dopamine levels have been found in schizophrenics.