Pain / Sport

For the Pain/Injury/Sport category the product are in 2 key groups: Targeted Body/Tissue types for nourishing, regeneration part and Type of Pain, such as muscular, nerve, general, plus pro & anti inflammation products. The easiest way to figure out what to use is:
1 – Determine the type of tissue: Joints/discs (Viatrexx-Articula), Soft Tissue/muscles, ligaments, skin (Viatrexx-Connectissue), Bones (Viatrexx-Osteosis) &/or Nerves (Viatrexx-MuSkel).

2 – determine if there is a potential for bruising, injections, surgery (Viatrexx-Ouch), if there is bruising or a potential add Viatrexx-Mesenchyme to drain the area; is it a phantom pain or one which lingers (Viatrexx-ItHurts), if you want to bring down inflammation add Viatrexx- Infla, if you want to introduce inflammation then Viatrexx-Prolo.

Standard protocol:
• Each remedy is 4 squirts 3 times a day, may take together or add to water.
• 2-3 months, then re-evaluate
• Most common combo is: Viatrexx-Connectissue + Viatrexx-Articula + Viatrexx- MuSkel + Viatrexx-Infla
• Consider using Viatrexx-Ouch +Viatrexx- Mesenchyme for all cuts, bruising, pre & post operations/injections, swelling.

Other products to consider:

Viatrexx-Arthro: Joint issues based on an auto-immune disposition. Immune balancing, drainage and regeneration.

Viatrexx Prolo-Neural: Neural therapy formulation, neurological pain, pro-inflammatory.

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