Viatrexx divides the neurological category into 2 areas:

-The primary formula for Autonomic system balancing is Viatrexx-Neuro 3.
– the structure, which includes the brain, the nervous system, synapses and any part of the physical structure; ie the roads.
– the other segment are the neurotransmitters, neurological growth factors and other biochemical or communication substances; ie the cars.

The key formulas are:

Viatrexx ANS-CNS: Sympathetic neurological support and regeneration, adrenal pathway.

Viatrexx-Intra Cell then helps sparks cellular communication.

Viatrexx-Mesenchyme is the primary drainage product to clear the neurological pathways for effective flow, repair and regeneration.

Viatrexx-MuSkel: the most complete of all the formulas.

Viatrexx-Neuro: Parasympathetic/melatonin pathway support and regeneration.

Viatrexx- Prolo Neural: the main neurological parts.

Viatrexx-BDNF: the key growth factor to help keep the brain plastic and nourish the neurologic pathways.

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