Viatrexx has concluded the steps required to start producing and manufacturing its’ line of sterile injectable products and will begin launching June 1st.

Since the sterile injectables are manufactured, they can be acquired as Rx office stock. They are available as 10 mL multi-dose in packs of one, three, six or twelve vials.

“We are excited to expand our portfolio and take control of manufacturing OTC and sterile injectable products, as well as the listing with the FDA, ” said Stephen Emond, President of Viatrexx.

The Viatrexx line has 89 OTC products of which 42 will be available as sterile injectables. Altogether, Viatrexx will offer 131 products. All the products are going through FDA updating and listing.

The first injectables will be ready for the market in early June, with the entire scope available by late September. The injectables are for the U.S and International market.

For access to the Injectable Sterile Price List, please log into the Professional section of our website. Please take note that there will no injectable sales on our website. All orders must be faxed, emailed or called in.

During this same period, Viatrexx is producing injectable nutriceuticals, such as NAD+.

Injection training courses for pain/sports medicine, aesthetics, Detox, immune, neural and endocrine are being scheduled throughout the US starting this summer, through Thanksgiving.

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