Health Via the Matrix
Health Via the Matrix

Rationale behind Viatrexx remedies


Where did the word “Viatrexx” come from?

Viatrexx is derived from the concept that much which occurs in health has some connection to the body’s matrix, hence Via to means “through” or “by” the Matrix, giving “Viatrix”. The next step was to consider Mother Nature so we put “XX” at the end for the female chromosome, and changed the final “i” for an “e”, giving us “Viatrexx”.

Why the stylised & full spectrum “V”?

From very young the concept of how a prism diffracts white light into a myriad of colors, showing the hidden spectrum of frequencies through color has been an inspiration for further thinking and innovation. The color spectrum has been part of our name since we started in the early 1990’s. The stylized “V” was designed during the mid 1990’s and reflects a concept of how a wave can carry rich and complex information. This came from our work in analysing and recording the resonances of substances through advanced technologies we had created. The concept of working with these often invisible, yet integral aspects of everyday life, is central to what we do. It is similar to discovering and expanding on actives in a substance (Spagyric) and evolving a stronger signaling for messenger molecules, therefore potentially better reception by cells. Our works brings us into levels these various metabolic factors, actives and substances may oscillate in and the multiple levels in the human condition they may affect. Through this line of thinking and processing we strive to develop intuitive and living remedies which address physiological through more subtle aspects of human existence.

Viatrexx formulas are based on 3 simple principles

1- Drainage & Detox. The system must be open, cleaned out and able to receive regenerative and supportive nutrients in order to breathe properly and regenerate. This aspect we call drainage and detox. Drainage is opening the valves to let the toxins flow out, while detox is more of a deeper cleaning process. It addresses both extra-cellular and intra-cellular aspects of the cell & tissue. This step is like cleaning the floor before waxing, don’t want to wax in the garbage.


2- Regeneration. From our product’s perspective, is providing all the components necessary for the cell and tissue to be properly nourished, supported and energized so it may heal, regenerate, grow, function and eventually perpetuate at optimum levels. We achieve this by introducing system specific nutrients for both extra and intra cellular support, in exacting concentrations for the most effective impact.

3- Oxygenation. This category represents to us the functions of respiration, Krebs cycle activity, enzymes, catalyst and all aspects which help the system or cell to breathe, produce energy or instill life into the system. If oxygenation is going on, then so is life, flow and movement.

Type of ingredients used

A variety of ingredient types and dilutions/concentrations are used for specific reasons.

Sarcodes are healthy body parts of organs, glands, tissues and fluids. The source is usually pig (suis) or calf from trusted bio dynamic sources. The rational for using these tissues is when the tissue in question is challenged, providing healthy tissue will potentially nourish it, introduce regenerative properties, include the metabolic factors it usually produces and resonate healthy references for it to strive for.

Metabolic factors are the biochemical substances the body normally produces or requires to keep itself healthy. They include, but are not limited to; vitamins, minerals, trace elements, salts, hormones, neurotransmitters, growth factors, cytokines, enzymes, amino acids, peptides and other natural biological substances the body requires for homeostasis. It is through these molecules that inside communication is performed and that we are able to function and maintain health. When considering the pathway we wish a formula to address, both the sarcode (organs/glands/tissues) and metabolic factors become evident and cross-supportive. The metabolic factors add a strong nutritional/biochemical support to the entire system’s cascading matrix while the responsible organs, glands or other tissues regenerate and encourage the sarcode(s) to become self-sufficient. The Viatrexx formulas use metabolic factors at physiological concentration.

Detoxification & drainage ingredients are usually herbal, anti-oxidants, phenol, antigen (allersodes) or other similar substances which encourage the body to expel and flush out latent waste material. Certain metabolic factors and sarcodes are also involved in the drainage and detoxification process. It is common for some substances to perform multiple functions such as lymph node being both part of the regenerative process as well as detoxification and drainage. Systems can become sluggish for a variety of reasons, such as Lifestyle, diet, limited water intake, environmental influences, chemicals the body is not used to, and a host of other potential insults or reasons. When it does, or depending on the type of insult it receives, the drainage remedies will encourage the various emunctories/body systems to release what may be sitting in the systems. For detoxification to happen, first the removal of excess buildup through drainage, then a deeper tissue, cellular or intra-cellular cleansing or detoxification takes place. As the tissue or cell starts to free itself of this extra burden, it can now start to improve its performance and resonates at higher operational levels, which encourages more & deeper detoxification.

Nosodes are homeopathically prepared pathogens, which are similar to vaccines. They are suggested to help counter the negative effects of the actual pathogen. The internal body environment dictates to large extent what will growth within it. Proper nutrition and drainage can go a long way to change the environment and encourage pathological change, however via Biological medicine, nosodes have demonstrated themselves to be extremely useful is creating positive shifts in the internal environment and bringing about positive change.

Gemmotherapy is the use of plant embryonic materials, from buds and shoots before the chlorophyll comes in, to produce low dilution macerates. These remedies are of a high vitally and have a strong impact on key body systems. We refer to them as herbal fountain of youth elixirs. They are placed in strategic formulas where their value can be magnified.

Emotional issues are arguably the leading cause behind most health conditions. If we consider Chinese medicine, it states that every organ has a certain type of emotion attached to it, such as anger goes to the liver. If the person leaves the anger incident un-resolved then the emotion builds up in the liver and liver function starts to get compromised. It becomes sluggish, and slower. Over time it becomes less effective doing what it normal did with ease, hence toxic build up, then impregnation and disease. Homeopathic principle suggests that low dilutions of a substance have a stronger effect on the physical challenges and physiological function, while a higher dilution of the same product tends to influence emotional dispositions. Therefore a low dilution of a liver remedy would encourage drainage, a slightly higher dilution detox and a higher one would encourage a emotional activation of underlining unresolved issues. Until the successful release of the emotional link, the condition often returns to some degree. We use multiple dilutions of the same substance to cover this full range and encourage as thorough a regenerative process as possible.

Concentrations & Dilutions

The concentration or dilution of a substance plays a vital role on how it influents the various functions of the systems, organs, or glands the formula is addressing.

Mother tinctures and more physical concentrations are used for nutritional items like vitamins, some minerals and specific herbal components for their important influence and support on body functions.

Physiological concentrations (blood concentration levels) are used for sarcodes, hormones, neurotransmitters, growth factors and cytokines. Some studies suggest this concentration level provides the most effective level for biochemical function and influence, with no reported side effects.

Korsakovian. Some studies suggest that certain concentrations of metabolic factor substances stimulate, others sedate, while yet other regulate. Research on Korsakovian dilutions (K) suggest they are natural occurring homaccords (multiple dilutions of the same substance in one bottle) and provide an adaptogenic quality where the system in question is regulated. It is for this reason we often combine a physiological concentration with a Korsakovian. When we stop at 30K we are focusing on regeneration, functionality & intra cellular, when we go to 200K, we encompass the 30K, plus are going after deeper innate cellular functionality & emotional release.

Proprietary manufacturing techniques, well beyond homaccord and traditional Korsakovian, are used to further advance the global aspect of a uniformed and flowing therapeutic range for each substance. In this way we are able to fully express each ingredients potential from physiological through emotional qualities. We have found that this new resonance expression for each ingredient introduces a living aspect to the remedies where the technique is applied. In other words, ingredient resonances for all dilutions are found in the remedy, hence the body will take the exact dilution it requires at that moment. If there has been a shift in the person from taking a dose, the next time the remedy is used the body will intuitively be drawn to new dilutions. In such a way the remedy works in sync with the person’s natural healing process to not only address physical toxicity but causal and emotional baggage.


Sourcing of materials is first and foremost organic, biodynamic and the highest vitality possible. Structured water is used for the highest polyvalence and ingredient resonance memory possible. Structuring the water is similar to defragging your hard drive, it reorganizes the content in a logical and more structured fashion for higher efficacy and better performance. With water the impact is multi-fold as it brings this aspect to body’s own water store houses as well. In this way the remedy is as pure and strong as possible. All in all the products are crafted, manufactured and stored in ideal conditions. The end result is remedies which perform at the optimal levels nature intended them to.

Spray delivery system. We have opted to the spray delivery system over the traditional standard pipette or European cap dropper systems. Through the spray system we have calibrated sprays of 1 squirt = 5 drops. It is direct, clean and less issues with contamination. The spray system allows for easier oral, into water or other substance and topical applications. There is less chance of it spilling when being carried or in a purse. Overall we find this delivery method provides more advantages, ease of use and freedoms.


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