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The core Immune product is Immune XX, it mimics the immune system, supports it and nourishes it. Immune XX is the premier product for all immune issues.

During times of cold & flu add SystemeXX D to help keep the elimination organs working
Combine the Immune XX and  SystemeXX D

x protocol with mineral salts or mg in the evening and most people pull out of the cold & flu challenges within 24 hrs.


BreatheXX is added if the challenges have moved to the respiratory system.

Standard protocol: Each remedy is 4 squirts 3 times a day; may take together or add to water.

Immune XX may go to 10 squirts, 10 times a day when there is a cold or flu challenge.

Usual scheduling is 2-3 months on the product(s), then re-evaluate

SystemeXX D is the most common complement to the immune products, followed by MatriXX Dx and Infla.

Other Products to consider:

Arthro: Joint issues based on an auto-immune disposition. Immune balancing, drainage and regeneration.

BactereXX: Supports a bacteria free system.*

Candida +: Candida overgrowth, its precursors, by-products and terrain, leaky gut, dysbiosis.

FungeXX: To aid with the temporary relief of symptoms associated to molds and/or fungus. *

G-12: TH1 – TH2 terrain balancing, allergies, epithelial cell regeneration.

BoweleXX: Support healthy GI tract/bowel function and elimination, constipation & leaky gut, TH1-TH2 balancing Peyer’s Patches repair.

Relief 3-G12: Relief of symptoms & terrain balancing from general reactions, allergies or healing crises.

VireXX: Anti-parasitic, combines herbal & homeopathic in one covers both GI & tissue/blood.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure, or prevent any disease.