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Detox/ Drainage

We take time to have baths and showers, wash our hair, brush our teeth, clothes, dishes and clean up our homes, but what do we do to clean up our insides? With all the day to stress of life, diet, the volume of food we ingest, physical activity or lack of it, aging, just life in general all lead to some build up of toxins inside the body. The liver, kidney, lymph, bowels and other systems can all start to slow down. Over time they can become compromised and less effective. In order to help them regain health Viatrexx has a series of products which can, drain, detox, stabilize, and/or regenerate the body.

The difference between drainage and detox.

Drainage is like taking the plug out of the sink to let the dish water out, it still leaves scum and debris behind, while detox is the ability to get into the tissues and clean it out, like getting the grease and tomato stains out of the dish cloth. Depending on the remedy or its frequency of use, the product can act as a drainer or detoxifier. Most detoxification products can be simply drainers if the frequency and dosing in lessened.

Drainage and detox is the foundation of most every protocol. You need to get things moving and out for a system to function. The cleaner the system, the better it copes and performs.

Though we have many products, the easiest and a very effective starting point in most cases is to use SystemeXX, it is a balanced combination product to help drain and detox most of the major systems.

The goal of SystemeXX is to be an all-encompassing formula which activates all systems to drain and detox in harmony with each other and eventually pull out the emotional trauma(s) in the background.  Other Viatrexx formulas are more organ or regional specific.


Other Products to consider:

AcneXX: Supports healthy skin.*

AmoebeXX: Encourages an amoeba free system.*

DermeXX: For the temporary relief of symptoms associated to skin challenges.*

Dnt’l: Detox from toxic dental materials and agents.

Environmental: Detox and sensitivities to petrochemicals, isopropyls & environmental chemicals.

FungeXX: To aid with the temporary relief of symptoms associated to molds and/or fungus. *

BoweleXX: Support healthy GI tract/bowel function and elimination, constipation & leaky gut, TH1-TH2 balancing Peyers Patches repair.

H-Metals: Heavy metal detox and sensitivities (Pb, cadmium, Al, Hg, etc).

KidneXX: To help support healthy kidney function.*

Ki-HearteXX: Supports a healthy heart & kidney.*

Ki-InflameXX: Supports a health kidney & immune system.*

Kidney Plus: Herbal kidney support, drainage, anti-inflammatory, angeotension II release, cardiovascular support, pancreatic support. Improves mood.

LiveXX: Liver cleansing, drainage, detox and support.

LympheXX: Lymphatic detox, drainage and support.

MatriXX Dx: Matrix/connective tissue, lymph, peripheral nerve, circulatory & fat drainage, detox & support.

Radiation: Detox from radiation and its effects, may also help with sensitivities.

SystemeXX D: Complete systemic detox and drainage, immune and energy support Krebs/ATP. Addresses potential emotional links and scars. Detoxification of matrix, cells, lymph, liver, kidney, bowel, lung, glands, organs & blood.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat cure, or prevent any disease.