Viatrexx’s biological area refers to living biological agents such as:


  • Viral
  • Bacterial
  • Fungal
  • Mold
  • Parasites
  • Amoebas
  • Worms

Other living biological agents which disrupt or alter the terrain and cause changes in the biological functions.

Products to consider:

Viatrexx-Amoebas: Encourages amoeba eliminates and expulsion.

Viatrexx-Bacteria’s: Anti-bacterial, helps bring back healthy balance.

Viatrexx-Candida+: Candida overgrowth, its precursors, by-products and terrain, leaky gut, dysbiosis.

Viatrexx-Candida 1: If Candida+ is too strong, start with Candida 1, it will initiate drainage and die off.

Viatrexx-F’gus: Fungal & mould over growth and sensitivities. Drainage and Detox.

Viatrexx-GI: Support healthy GI tract/bowel function and elimination, constipation & leaky gut, TH1-TH2 balancing Pyers Patches repair.

Viatrexx-Immunexx: Immune system support, regeneration and immune modulator re-population. Cold/flu & immune challenged conditions. Natural immune boost.

Viatrexx-Parasites: Anti-parasitic, combines herbal & homeopathic in one covers both GI & tissue/blood.

Viatrexx-Relief 3-G12: Relief of symptoms & terrain balancing from general reactions, allergies or healing crises.

Viatrexx-Systemic Detox: Complete systemic detox and drainage, immune and energy support Krebs/ATP. Addresses potential emotional links and scars. Detoxification of matrix, cells, lymph, liver, kidney, bowel, lung, glands, organs & blood.

Viatrexx-Virus: Anti-viral

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