Viatrexx provides industry leading aesthetic solutions which bring about lasting results by integrating advanced integrative health concepts into each of the formulas. Our team designs each product formula based on the underlining causes behind the appearance, thereby encouraging the body to become healthier. In this way beauty is more than skin deep.


Viatrexx-Hair is a base product for hair loss or thinning. It helps to nourish the scalp and hair.
Consider adding endocrine support with
Viatrexx-Female + for women, or
Viatrexx-Male + for Men.

In tougher cases, the addition of Viatrexx-Prolo and Viatrexx Mesenchyme is recommended.

The usual protocol is 3-5 oral squirts of each 3 times a day for 3 months, then re-evaluate.
Take pictures as of day 1 to track results.
Topical and Injectable applications with the same products is recommended.

Wrinkles are signs of skin and substructure wear. The pleats are broken collagen and tissue structures with compromised circulation; hence nutrients are inhibited from the area. Viatrexx products for wrinkles help to nourish the area, increase circulation, help rebuild the scaffolding and regenerate the tissues.

Viatrexx-Wrinkle is the primary product for wrinkles, Viatrexx-Connectissue is another great option

Viatrexx-Derma was designed to help the area drain, get the circulation back and encourage regeneration.

Other products to consider:

Viatrexx-Acne: Acne challenges due to hormonal imbalances & toxicity. Balancing and drainage.

Viatrexx-Adipose: Metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, adipose tissue regulation, weight loss.

Viatrexx-Cellulite: Cellulite reduction, lipid balance, circulation support, water retention drainage.

Viatrexx-Collagen: Soft tissue repair & regeneration. Collagen scaffolding support & reconstruction.

Viatrexx-Facial: Anti-age facial rejuvenation and maintenance for a glowing and healthy skin.

Viatrexx-Infla: Inflammation reduction, balancing and drainage.

Viatrexx-Thyro: Adaptogenic Thyroid rebalancing & regeneration with drainage, detox and support .

Viatrexx-Systemic Detox: Complete systemic detox and drainage, immune and energy support Krebs/ATP. Addresses potential emotional links and scars. Detoxification of matrix, cells, lymph, liver, kidney, bowel, lung, glands, organs & blood.

Professional section | Viatrexx Bio Incorporated

Viatrexx views Aesthetics from a causal perspective and looks to resolve the underlining issues so the body may perform at its optimum and radiate at its full potential. It is recommended you review the aesthetic booklet available on the viatrexx professional section of the website for more detailed information and protocol suggestions.

Standard protocol: Each remedy is 4 squirts 3 times a day, may take together or add to water. May spray over desired area and use roller. Take oral products throughout. Repeat yearly.